Sunday, December 13, 2009

Love Match- Aquarius and Pisces

Pisces is a creative type whose medium is often symbolic images of the imagination. Often they're very right brained. Aquarius tends toward logic, and conceptual thinking. Both love the freedom to experiment, but Pisces tends to follow the inspiration of the heart, while Aquarius is sparked in the mind. Aquarius deals directly with universal themes, while Pisces finds a doorway to the universal through the personal. It's hard for them to relate because they're literally on different wavelengths.

Pisces is sentimental and affectionate, while Aquarians prefer everyone to leave a personal space cushion. Pisces will long to feel a deep bond with Aquarius, something that remains out of reach. Aquarius will champion the creative dreams stirring within the Pisces soul. And they'll show integrity in the relationship. But it likely won't satisfy the longing of Pisces to swim together in the deep end of Love.

Aquarius is a bit of a loner among the multitudes, and may be out and about, when Pisces craves companionship. Or they're in their study following an original thread of inspiration. Pisces won't understand when the Waterbearer goes missing. Aquarius finds the Piscean emotional needs to be stifling. Both need plenty of space to grow in unexpected directions. With the willingness to deal openly with all these differences, it could evolve into a nurturing bond.

Some Do's for Aquarius:

  • Share your breakthroughs.
  • Be dazzling.
  • Revel in your friendships.
  • Reveal your own fringey, nutty side.
  • Be a little kinky and experimental.
  • Show compassion for everyone equally.
  • Be passionate about your causes.
  • Laugh at their humor.
  • Stay flexible about the schedule.
  • Be clear about your own emotional needs.
  • Be honest about your values (especially about monogamy)
  • Be shocking in bed.
  • Be full of surprises.
Dont's For Aquarius
  • Don't judge their strangeness.
  • Don't get too sentimental with words of endearment.
  • Don't make assumptions about where you stand in the relationship.
  • Don't assume they are monogamous.
  • Don't judge them by how they look.
  • Don't try to win their sympathy.
  • Don't try to provoke them into an argument.
  • Don't show arrogance toward wait staff or any others in a service position.
  • Don't make labeling comments (racist, homophobic, etc)

Pisces is different every time you meet, making it hard to advise any hard n' fast rules. But here are some general tips based on what's knowable about the sign of the fishes.

  • Do be enchanting, and appeal to their sense of wonder.
  • Do be considerate of their feelings.
  • Do suggest dates in non-chaotic places, atmospheric places.
  • Do offer thoughtful gifts.
  • Do allow them to be full of contradictions.
  • Do show them you care for animals, old people, and any other vulnerable thing.
  • Do entertain them with your imagination.
  • Do suggest dates to the movies, theatre or to see a concert.
  • Don't try to rush Pisces into a decision, especially not commitment.
  • Don't take Pisces to places that are overstimulating or taxing on the nerves.
  • Don't assume you've got them figured out.
  • Don't be cruel or try to intimidate them.
  • Don't be rude to wait staff or show selfish tendencies.
  • Don't be too materialistic.
  • Don't dismiss things that you can't see (like ghosts, fairies, angels).
  • Don't be too critical.

My Moody Heart

Recently felt moody..moody of wat? I' m confuse, I'm sad..I'm hurt..I dun understand..I dont know weather watever things i did all dis while, to me, is it really NORMAL? or was it SERIOUS to u.. There's many times we argued almost also for de same things happening, and i know u always scolded and telling me dat u are disappointed on me kept on repeating the same things dat u dislike..yes I did try to avoid de things to happen, I also did put ur words in my heart..but always eventually or automatically de original ME came out again n let u down always! is not dat i dun understand ur feelings, or maybe de more longer n deeper we both go, u becaming sensitive? think 2much? strong jealousy in ur heart?and being Over-Protected? I dont know....

I couldn't change immediately when u wan me to change it to respect u as my BF..I do respect u and I need some time darl, because this is my character/my attitude.. I hope dat u could accept de way I are, believe in me for watever things I'm doing.. I always being true to u, and I know dat u love me deeply day by day, I don hope anything would happen between us, ended up became not worth at all..Blame me for dunno how to appreciate ur care and ur love to me..

Now, I'm trying to do my best dat I can..Here, I jz wanna tell u my darling, I apologize to u that b4 this we both had happened alot of things since I came back from Camp, I'm sorry darling hurted u too much, neglected u previously after de camp, being a use-less GF, and immature GF around ur side :( U 've been 4given me many many times n given me alot chances to change and accepted my apology,but yet I still let u down:( This time, I wont promise u anything because I don wanna give u empty promises again to make u more disappointed in me..what I wan is, ur 4givness, ur tolerate,ur patient and ur understandings..

Sweet Darling, I'm Sorry :'(

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ronnie's Surprise Birthday!!

Its nice to c my sweetie girlfren,Yipeng plan for her darling's 23rd early birthday~ she invited alot of her frens,although there's some of her invited frens ended up did not appear,but somehow we still enjoy de party! There's bout 12 of us were @ Werner's KL bistro at Changkat Bukit Bintang..The place was way highclass n romantic, good taste and plans of her huh^^ i wonder what am i gonna do for my darling tho next year?? still thinkin..kekeke(Chicky smile:p)

Here is few of our pic,while some of dem left in Alan's camera haven receive yet..well,mostly more bout Me n Darl's camwhore,hope u all dun mind bout it HAha~

Our way to de venue..
and this is de time my darl hit emergency break, my Shocking look!! looks nice n natural wat..hehe! (scary huh?)
another shoot 2gather v my babe

this my bro's,bcoz he was laughin at me dat moment and then i cant hit him frm de front,so i take his ugly cacated look..HAH!!!

blured but i likey

my "MOLE" is photogenic eh? haha! smtimes get reli annoyed at it til wanna remove it so soon!! n pity my darl is de driver dat nite while he is reli nt enuf sleep last whole nite either..*sayang ha*
I nonstop camwhore bcz i never reli look gd in each pic above..hmm :\

Found dat actually gray lense seems like nt reli suit me huh? i look kinda....FL.R.TY! >.<

he is Ethan, Ron's brother(de assistant hehe)

Here's Ronnie Cake.. What kinda surprise actually Peng made for Ron? hmm is actually simple, she invited all of us which is Ron donno anything bout it, he was thinking jz having a romantic candle light dinner oni privately 2of dem..he came late n we actually reached earlier b4 he arrive n they both were upstairs.. i dunno how he entered de main door frm Werner's dat he actually never notice any1 of us there.. den..while evy1 arrive + cake is i called Peng for signal n den Peng pretend to ask him accompany her to de washroom downstairs,and so he saw all of us at de table n we started sing de Birthday Song 2him..hw surprise 4him n he reli get shock of all our appearance ! haha~ Baby,u did a great job!

here comes de birthday boy,shocked till dunno wat kinda expression wanna show d,c blured of the whole face! XD

'Happy Birthday Ronnie' ( he sudah tak sempat nak grab de cake d! ahaha)

romantic lighting suits me n darl not? *perasan* LOLzz!

a beautiful shoot frm Kenneth, thx bro!

our non-alcoholic cocktail~ its fresh n juicy!

door gift on d table special for We guest!

They have 2kind of gift fills inside this cup, 1is with chocos n 1packet Condoms(nyekk! notty~babe ur idea huh?), another 1 is with chocos and 1 miniature Bath Gel..smthing diff rite?

The atmosphere here was really wonderfull, something dat me like so muchie,Western Italianate FEEL~

Chit-Chatting geeks, n I'm so far frm my sister! :(

de Bar, i love de lighting colors

Finally,our food is SERVED~ de PASTA, soso la..kinda like,tasteless for dis seafood 1.. disappointed:(

TUNA PIZZA~ 1thing is,the Pizza here is fantastic! i guess u all can come here to try it yourself^^

and here come the couple gila snaps!

both r full! satisfied dinner hehe~

lookin his tired eyes makes my heartache

we love this beverage!

nth but US~

tired till closed eyes d huh?

dun get bored of us k?eheh!

angle angle angle..shoot shoot shoot~

and also 2nite was 26.nov.2009,is a day were me n darl's 1year and 4th month anni! ^^

me with the imprt couple Ronnie & Yi-Peng

Finally i have a memories picture of me n my 'jimuis' 2gather v our BF^^

Up Stairs- Rebecca, Me n Peng

de balcony corner with Darling

its relaxing although its hot here! haha

i always love de way he reacted n accompany me being silly^^!!

moreover,he always understand me wat i wan:)

being with u makes me feel evything is good n perfect!

eeewwW! i look flirty here...did i drank alcoholic? no! i gues de make up n de color lense make me looks like dis! ishhh!!!! >.<~ but im ME,hehe!
cute darl

trying Ronnie's Tequila, de taste r well balanced~ not full alcohol,not too sour n not too gassy tho..

bz bz camwhoring

de nite~ waiting 4 de group pic frm Alan's cam~

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jeslyn's Birthday 2009

Lets talk about de afternoon time,me n darl have a date at TimeSquare for shopping,I'm deadly searching for BLACK cloths,BLACK dress,BLACK Top/Bottom..everything is in BLACK! why? because currenlty doing quite good in Freelance Make Up Artist, i found dat myself reli lack of BLACK i needa get at least few of dem 1st b4 i reli look ugly wit always de same dressings almost each event-.-.. *sighz* kesian me..but darl was kinda bz bz bz with his fon calling,big business huh?! hmm no i jz look into de shop myself n while he is bz bz outside on de fon..good things oso,coz i can c my stuff nicely wiout he beside me waiting n waiting,m affraid he wil b bored death! ahahaha~! but its reli sad dat now evy weekend he wud b bz on calls,*sighhzz*..nvm la~ wil use 2 it soon kekeke! Eventually,i bought 2cloths oni..1dress n 1 top..1of it darl say looks like auntie! heyyyyy-.- ur Babe wear stuff wil look auntie meh?! watch 1 day i wear it infront of u..c weather u wil really judge it as auntiee nt! grrhhh~!! T.M (my darl's gang called TM hehe! funny) is celebrating Jeslyn's sweet was a great nite,tho we r not in clubz but we r in......(I've no idea wats de restaurant buffet name ady)..AAHHA! sorry..but we r in Mon'tKiara Damansara,all u can eat buffet^^,it is worth eating at Supper Time..but nt worth for LADIES! u noe wad i mean rite?hehe!

The couple..Jeslyn & Cassey, de cake looks deliciouss,yaa it is reli delicious but sorry dat we cant finish up,bcoz ate too much ady *bErrrbb*

Me n Her

TM Girls

Right- Yan Leng,Me,Jeslyn and Lai Mun

Sky darling n I with birthday girl..

This is TM GANG! there's few guyz is single n available..come come,choose which u like^^haha!

HaPPY BiRthDay JeSlyN!