Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its been long~

YEahh..its been long time I update my lovely blog here... what I wanna say? erm! suddenly mind-stuck a awhile! ahaha~ well, everyone in my fren list in this bloggie here, obviously know that my blog is only talking bout my personal life and love life I only will post and share abit of it mostly..

Recently was very good with my bf.. Loving and sweet as usual, and 4dayz ago it was me n darl's 1year and 7months ANNI^^!! but we didn't how celebrate, because we don even realize it! ahaha~ Sadly and badly.. Yday we argued kinda serious,wat funny is...through SMS! I bet not many couple can really argue by SMS rite? both fire up oso will jz call n shout to each other rite? but for me, I've experience in arguing voice to voice through phone and its really not works...wat do I mean not works? it means like, He will be always the wan voicing more then me on de phone! and I'm always the loser and being quiet one:) haha.. So, I rather talk tru SMS! can think clearly n calm down nicely to talk 2 him, although it causes misunderstand sometimes..but my thinking is, it depends on how ur typing and de way of saying out oso... Not to say out de details wat we arguing about yday.. but..its reli sad, and ofcz HE even more hurts and sad, because de thing is I'm the wan who is wrong, asking for forgiveness and saying sorry is de main KEY for me, wat I hope from him is, wanting him to accept my apology and forgiveness only and I'll do de rest.. I actually dont dare to promise him anything cz I'm afraid I did de same mistakes again and hurts him once more time! Guess I wont have another chance again IF in future I made mistakes again! :'(

I saw my fren's blog posted this few days ago and I found it kinda true, is more suitable for people in relationship's thinking..~

''What is LOVE about? suffer ourselves of uncountable argument? Suffer ourselves of guessing and worry nonstop of those non necessary thing? Love looks perfect without argument but this doesnt mean as True Love. True Love is it works without any argument? Seriously, Some people need love coz of Caring, some need love due to their lifestyle behavior, some need love cause of loneliness and lastly some need love cause of loving each other and do learn some other different thing in their life."

What do you all think about de above?
But if u think it positive side.. argument does appear in every couple, its normal, but it depend on weather what kind of argument is that only.. Being together for so long, sure happen argument lor, even you stay with ur family and ur siblings oso will appear argument wat rite..

Being Worry and Guessing nonstop towards each other.. Its all about Trustworthy only.. weather u choose to Trust each other, let him/her do de rest.. or u choose to check-out his/her lifestyle every single time..(not tired meh!!)

Back to my probs.. those above is not related with us ya.. dun misunderstand hehe, jz a sharing..
Shall I text him? its been half day we never talk and text each other, and is like last evening after argument till today-now, oso never text to each other or call.. sound like very less rite jz half day..but its weird! Is like we r ending.. Noo~ I don wanna end with him! I stil love him deeply, it will be very suffer if still loving but got to let go. I found that he is really quite important to me.. man... y am I always updating sad stuff up here!!....

I jz hope he could accept my apology and forgiveness for this time!..:'(
Darling I'm sorry..