Friday, October 30, 2009

Belated post about Deepavali hAng Out

I know is too late 4me 2post this blog here now,because this new blog is newly created oni..ehehe~ Seems like long time never had a hang out v my darling, as usual,he likes to ask me where to go? so i answered "anywhere,as long as with u". Eventually he brought me to Pavilion have a walk..That day was really whole KL are crowded~ especially Pavilion is full of MALAY Geeks! -.- Hey its deevali, y so less Indians hangin around? well all balik kampung mayb haha~

Darl n i were hungry so we better take our lunch 1st,at Pancake House..

over bright

macam nt rdy yet~


coincident there's big mirror beside^^

Camera quality nt gd..-.-
Carrot juice,Served!
and dat day was my 2nd time belanja Darl makan^^too salty!!!!!

we love taking pics hehe!

I guess it depends on every Outlets,there's one time i went The Curve's PanCake House with my "jimuizz"..that serving was way delicious!!! u guys can go n have a try!

We r in Tangs Fitting..

HE says he likes dis suit..but i think,soso oni la dear

and i love dis dress frm HattYaii

Im Driving darling's car^^

no joke,yes i am driving! but haha stil nt gd in skills

aWW he kiss my arms!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tricia's 1st Handmade Cake

All the while actually i dont really ready yet for trying to make dis cake,thought from a mutual friends blog, however because of Pinki in dilemma,trying so hard to think whats de best for his bf coming birthday..So, I got this idea for her to bake a Cake all by Your own,its easy and its a 'no baking cake' function hehe! all u hav to do is just few recipes and chuck it into ur refrigerator and Done!

Last week my darling went to trip with his TM gangz to Bangkok, and so i decided to hang over Pinki's house to learn making Lemon Cheese Cake:) 2gather haha~ it is not really a surprise to him because he knew bout it,but de decos and evything was a surprise for him.. here is de cake that she made few dayz ago before i went to her house,she said she need to have few times practice oni it bcame perfect^^ what a hardworking girl for her BF really,lucky him!

it is yummy but she doesn't like the topping decos haha!

Lepak awhile while waiting for our cake to b harden inside de refrigerator

many pose-.-

tADAH~ dis is my cake for darling:)

Trisky Cake ^^

And this is Pinki's Cake:)

Although we did not use much energy in this cheese cake,but it is reli a tiring day..without help of each other i guess it would be even more Exhausted! I don't know what is his expression after tryin it..hope that he would love my effort for just a simple Cake of dis hehee~