Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Date in Genting on Darl's Bufday

Sorry for de very late update, and i took quite a few dayz to get dis done..ahahahaa paiseh!

It was my darl's actual day birthday, my darl had asked me weather where i wanna bring him go on his birthday for our dating? and i answered "ofcz u make de decision since its ur day rite?" and so he replied back "owhh k!! den next yer ur bday u make ur own decision den dun ask me plan!!" so BAD!!!!!! n few hours later..i tought of "lets go for shopping then.."
It was actually ok for both of us since long time never had shopping together.. But out of sudden, my mind came out 'GENTING HIGHLAND' !! ahahahaa~ and i quickly told him "wat bout we go to Genting for wind blow, movie and hang ard there? "and so...we both decided..lets go to Genting!!!...

We took really loads of picture here n there...

on our way, up de hill

its all about camwhore actually ehehe!

i actually wans de windy wind to blow my hair..but too bad, darl speed nt fast enuf actually hahhaa!

there a lil waving hair^^

its like another 15minz till we reach de top!

de weekend dat is lot of cars and people!

heading to 1st world!^^

to de parking way

eeee de guy behind spoilled!

hw i wish it was like Taiwan weather so cold!!

after our lunch and warm up, SHOOTING!^^ 1st shot here
2nd here
and 3rd wan spoiled by de fatty again!

jz dunno hw to say dat i love him so much!

i love his eye~ dat attract ppls so easily, i guess i attracted by him this way mayb?hahaha!

shy to pose ..haha!

they say like oversea view..hehe, owh hw i wish 2~!


my darl is sleepy..ahaha!

he said wanna kap lui...but i saw guyz there.. ahahahaha!

so warmth!

dance ar u dear?

hehe..he looks so small~ like playing chest

havin our own time :) like nobody business

love the sky! yes.. the sky and him^^!

beautiful cloud rite!

follow me always~

nice blooming flowers~

OOops! i guess no1 saw?ahaha(*^^*)

me like this shoot!

de purpose is jz wanna capture along with the angel statue^^

Love u love u~cute dimple of him! ^^

wat is he thinking actually?

such great cloud! i wonder if i can be de cloud hw great with no worries n probs ard our life..jz float ard de sky..

every angle~
walking ard in the Hotel Highlands..

there's a huge mirror, come lets camwhore!

darling SOLO~

ME Solo 1

me SOLO 2

capture till sky turns dark..

jz like a honeymoon for us..AHAHA~

Happy Birthday my sweetie

pity 1help to capture, so gotto set timer..haha!

me with de beautiful flowers! love it~!

y darl?

hugging him feels ' no worries' :p

the night dat only US~

felt secure and warmth!^^


testing testing..

better shot here... camera is on top of the dustbin! ahahaha~ but ofcz placed in de clean part la

take little waterfall seems not so beautiful then last time ady

i hate de shape of my whole head here!-.-

hmm~ this wud b better n looks slimmer tho^^

is even cooling ard this timing

I took this witout his notice.. and jz a second, finally..

he brought my hand to de flowers as background for de shoot..haha

me with de trees, i found dat dis trees is reli cute in shape, sad cant capture de whole things..if nt i wil b small tiny like an ants...haha~

de nite darl with a natural make up on..

it was my 1st time made full make over 4him..

few more shoots here before leaving back to KL

a friend said we always took like wedding photo shooting..haha!! but wat a "beautiful" background we has...:p

always love his "咪咪的眼睛" hahahaha~

We are going home...

* Since previously had happened a lot of probs between me and him, I found dat we really need to cherish and appreciate each other.. No matter we are appreciating our loves one, family or our friends! Will pray that everyday our love would grow deeper as usual, sweeter and stronger.. Love you with all my heart..muUaacksSss~