Monday, October 18, 2010

Trisky Video 2009-2010

A Video Made By BB~

Its my 1st time do this for him and myself a video, although not much fancy and stylish design..but I Hope he will like it! ^^..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10.10.10 Special Date

Its 10.10.10 and coincidentally is my OFFDAY.. Finally I have de chance and time to spend all with my darling, I'm so happy because firstly, 2day an appointment Make up job for a customer of mine, Amy.. 2nd Earned a lil money here and so we went out for date to Sunway Pyramid^^ ..
yeaaAA~ long time did'nt come here shopping ady..

This is de time were I Camwhore in de car nonstop!!! until darling felt bad!! :(

so coincident we in grey today, never bakat 1 ok..

always felt dat he looks like the artist name Peter Ho in some certain angle.. (*^^*) awWwWww!!

but darl is plumper.. so, ganbateh for keep fit yaa! B support!

and here he started to say "wat so nice to capture!! dun understand u girls!-.-".. issSSHH!!

well, datz girls hobby being inlove to appear infront of camera right? hmmphh!

couldn't stand no more, we r damn freakin hungry!! is our breakfast+lunch+ dinner all 2gather in 1 time, and dat was during 5.30pm!!..goshhh~ crazy right?

but we order nt much dishes, jz dat darl's plate is full v RICE!! @ Thai Thai Restaurant, Pyramid..1st time here, DELICIOUS~!! yummyyy.. will come for de 2nd n 3rd n 4th....~

darl's cappuccino shake, is reli good!! muacckss!!

and bcoz i dun wanna make myself too full bcoz we have 2nd round dessert later, so I jz ordered Jasmine Green Tea Ice, not too heavy..hehe!

a lil sweet camwhore again..too bad cant take de environment.. paiseh la, so jz quietly took around our sit table..


off we go for Shopping! he spotted dis.. Fossil watch, nice rite?^^ but never bought it yet..

walk n walk, my leg oso swallon cz wore a new heels, and den food oso digested very well..

Dessert time in HaagenDazz ^^v yummyyyyy!

darl tested de limited edition jz nw, Pomegranate flavors ice cream..hmmm, nt reli satisfied of it..

waiting waiting..

taDahh~ forget wat its name..6scoop! weeeEeE!

not so satisfied of dis ice cream 2day, bcoz is too soft and easy melt.. mayb their refrigerator not enuf cold 2day? sad...

Chocolate Orange, Cookie, Passion Fruit Mango, Green Tea, Coffee and Tiramisu(if nt mistaken) yummmyyyy but so fast melt.. T.T

And this is de end of our shopping day 10.10.10, spended alot!! especially darling on his pants and shirts, for me, I got to save save save for our next trip to Singapore!! yeahhh m waiting!