Monday, September 20, 2010

Our 2nd Year 2gather, 2010

It's been very long dat I never update my blog here after my darling's birthday post on March...Since I had started my work on April, I have no time to spend more longer hour on my blog...I guess all my frens here are bored of my bloggie d..ooOps! sorry to keep those who r interested in me n my darl's life,waited till neck also grow longer den 10cm..ahahaa!

Today's post here is a belated celebration story + pic and also a very belated post update here =P ehehehe! Well well, a clip of an eye, dayz passes very fast, as I did not even realise me n darl is already 2years been 2gather.

There is too many things happen between us all dis past year, weather is the happy and sad, the bitter-sweet moment, the relaxing and tension days, the serious and not serious things happen to us each time..But I'm glad all dis challenging life we been through 2gather in dis 2year is something dat I experience most with him..Is reli not dat much like our parents, or those matured couple, they r loving and passes each dayz 2gather for more den 20years above, so we dis just 2years is reli nth much yet, but 2me, is reli alot and meaningful..

Yes I'm glad once again me n darl still being 2gather sticking each other closely, I nit him n he nit me.. I seriously very depend on him, but I noe dis is not de right w I have to learn not to TOO rely on him and also Depend on him 2much.. Many of us clearly noe, he is a very gd guy, smart and genius and a very hard working guy(Wakakkaka.. darl if u c dis pls dun flyyyyyy~) He wants alot of things to b good and perfect follow by his way, and I clearly understand, his way r always de correct way bcoz he is doing business, and he see things futher then me more, so I always needed his advice, his help and his decision, and dats y i became too depending on him..Frens,u think m I correct bein g dis way? rite now 4me YES, but I reli hope in future, Time.. I will b smarter back at least a little, to lower down his "beban" and not to disturb him too much..hehe~ I pray 2 God for help each time, as I also hope god could help me n him guide de correct way for us and lead us to de road dat we r seeking Successful Easy Life! hehe~

2Me, he is really a nice respectful guy, y do I say dis? haha.. is bcoz I really felt de way he treated me was reli a great BF. He sacrifice his time jz for ME, h e do everything jz for ME, he rather let go something jz to accompany ME, he listen to ME(eii..but ofcoz sometimes I could'nt block de things he insist wanted to do la, still I loose-.-) and there is reli many more dat I cannot even count it out or realise wat he did.. but turn it back 2my part, I seriously a very bad n notty girl hahahahaha!! dat hurted him quite a few times, until we had a big quarrel.. dis was my 1st experience arguing with own lover.. and I'm de wan always not saying anything in point when argue, or sometim es may b quiet a side...bcoz I am not good in talking, jz noe how to b like a COW..fight back fight back my rights! at end, still things not going well...aHAhaha!!!!

Well, ya.. forgiving me again and again is reli up till his limit way, and ofcoz I do realize my wrong 2him is bcome very over, yet till now, he still choose to forgive me so dat I really can understand wat he need and wat he hope I can do for him..I noe my age for now is still under pre-mature,(in a bad and easy word 2 describe, CHILDISH!) not really gd in caring his feeling and understand his side, jz so Selfish..

Darling, I'm so sorry, u r the one who I sincerely truely deeply love..I understand all de things u did, is for both of us future good and also for our love to keep growing well and improvement.. So now, Jz Saying "I Love U" is really nothing..but, to giving u back confident and showing u de prove so dat u will be more protected being with me, is de main key 4u.. Believe me once more, and I will make u feel relieve and not stress being with me, ok?..

Back to today's topic! Here our belated celebration little dinner was on 5th August, Sushi Zan Mai, Sunway Pyramid^^..

warm up with Hot Green Tea

Darling most fav baby octa!

my fav salmon!

never try dis b4, so darl jz grab wiout thinking..looks weird, but taste nice!

and dis dragon ball..haha simply oni grab~

waiting waiting next dish

worth to pay rm6plus! big sizes and lot of pieces~

din noe my mobile camera quality nt bad uh..ehehe!

they are even more den dis dishes we ate!

soft shall crab and tempura roll

we enjoying de satisfaction


another soft shall crab sushi..

very dry!! nt nice 1...darl keras wanna order dis! haihyooo n at end cannot finish -.-

my late serve, CawanMoshi!! could'nt fit in my tummy d... damn full~

actually feeling very satisfied ady, cant finish dis part..but have too!


have a little shopping around for digestion and den off we go home!

a simple dinner u darling! muacksss~

Happy 2nd Year 2both of us^^

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