Monday, September 27, 2010

2nd Year 2nd Month, The 2of Us

Its 26 sept 2010!! Hehe.. was very happy n so In-To-The-Feel to date darl for a little small romantic dinner, jz a memory of our 1st day 2gather..

So, I planned and dated darl for de dinner last 2weeks ago, and was so coincident, my working place corner they having a promotion Sales of Watches, and Couple Watches, and I went to have a look..Spotted 1 pair, simple and nice elegant standard steals couple watch, and I was actually forgoten I dated darl for dinner, so I jz bought it a week ago.. and den..once bought it, when back home and was thinking, how m I gonna pass dis gift to him? SURPRISE! *winkzzz* as i was thinking..yeahh! next week im going to had a small dinner v darl wat... so, jz giv him dis as a gift lor..^^ haha~ silly me...

Planning to Look Out Point, so I booked and arrange all nicely.. altho nth reli big special but I jz wan to remind back de memory we start 1st day 2gather, dunno weather he rmber de dayz chasing me and propose 2me not..:P ahahhaa!!!!
Jz a few pics of us oni..

after my work..

heading up de hill
having fun shoot with darl while driving..

tired but excited

his lamb chop cheese ham~^^ seems like Look Out Point kinda quiet, dunno y? sunday wor...

my handsome^^

Snacks.. fried baby crabs..hmmm nth special

ulraman or spider man? haha!!

forgotten to take pic of our Couple Watch, :P too excited giving him d haha.. will take it when both of us wear 2gather^^

did nt have a pic with him closely cz we both sit oposite facing each other and yet, de sit they arrange in between us very tight v next table ppl...-.-felt so inconvenient and oso nt enuf much privacy talk..haihzz

became slightly boring ady here..nth much to do, unless big party session v frens..

nice back view of city..

Dats all for our day.. waiting for de next plan^^ Love u Darling

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